Why You Just Take The Stress If You Can Manage It?!


Could you find someone that lives or has lived a Stress-Free-Life?! Perhaps you will say: "No, Never"!

I absolutely agree! Stress is an essential part of our lives.

Do you know that there's a good stress like graduation and a bad stress like losing your job, And there's short-term stress (acute) and a long-term stress (chronic)? Matter of the fact, what is considered "good stress" for someone could be "bad stress" for someone else! For example, going to a wedding could be exciting event for one person while another person may feel overwhelmed over picking the right outfit and getting to the celebration place on time.

Stress Management-Focused-Coaching could help you acknowledge and advantage from this (good) stress. And, would brace you against that (distress) so you can reduce your anxiety and improve your control of the situation. In other word, It's about how we manage on stress. Life-Coaching can support you in moving from coping to flourishing, and from healing into thriving!

Curious to learn more about terms like "fight or flight" and things like the connection between stress and health, or about the effects that stress could have on your body? Interested in exploring some ways to deal with stress, or some practical strategies to reduce its negative outcomes??  Alright, Sign up for our program and let's start a new chapter of your life!