The Power Of LOVE!

Let’s start with what “Love” means,
- Verb: to feel deep affection for someone, or to like (someone or something) very much.
- Noun: fondness, warmth, or liking.
Love is not just a special feeling between two. Love is not only the romantic relationship between couples. Love is way far and beyond!
Love means caring, looking after, and is all about giving and trust. Love is parenting, friendship, watching over your pet or plant, and much much more... Love in it’s true meaning is the core of our life.
What we are about it today, as a life-coaching center that focuses on positivity and stress management, is to bring to your attention the health benefits of LOVE.
Studies have shown that positive feelings are associated with higher rates of self-esteem and lower rates of depression. Researchers have found that love, no matter what form it comes in, can be linked to lower blood pressure, improved sleep, boosted immune system and overall promoted well-being.
“Love is a Healer” is not just a lyrics or inspiring quote, it is a fact that has been scientifically proven.
~Stay Positive, Stay Hopeful, and Never Let Your Stress Controls You😊