How is your pie put together?!


Many years ago, I was completing my "one year of public service”, like the majority of fresh graduates in Egypt. One day, one of our instructors asked us, during what you can call it a spiritual workshop: “ Do you know that each of us gets their share of life equally?! (24 carats), he added. He then explained that health, wealth, love, children, and other things in life are gifts and they’re meant to be delivered fairly -some how- in a certain way that keeps the universe in balance!
To understand the meaning behind his statement, imagine a perfect round good-looking pie, this pie is not cut into same-size-slices; some slices are small, few are medium, and the rest are large. Imagine also that you’re labeling these slices with “Health”, “Foods”, “Money”, “Education”, etc., then you change and alternate the labels. How many pies could you set up? Huge number, right?!  Simply, these pies resemble our lives and what we get along our journeys!  

Now, When I look at it as a Holistic Coach and I linked to the (Wheel of Life), which is one of the tools I use with my clients, I can make a lot of sense out of it!
Life is good! We (all) receive different kind of graces (Fairly) but in different ways. Actually, this what makes everyone  different & unique.  Amazing, isn’t!

 -If we remind ourselves that (Equity and Decency) are always granted by the Mighty Creator -no matter how we look, where we live, or what our beliefs are. If we remind ourselves that everything happens for a good reason. Then, we won’t compare, we won’t envy or hate, won’t feel sad or frustrated. We will be grateful for whatever we’re receiving and we’ll appreciate each others. Most of all, we’ll accept our lives and will love ourselves. We’ll be then satisfied, and will live in peace!

So, next time you complain about your life or you feel upset over some situations, next time you look at someone and tell yourself : “Lucky! I wish I were them!”,  Please remember the say “ Don’t judge the book from its cover”. Please remember that there is another side of the story that is not told yet. For example, you might be thinking about your friend, neighbor or relative who don’t text or call often to check on you, that they don’t care about you anymore. On the other side, most probably, it happens because they -themselves- are going through tough time but didn’t get a chance to share with you! Another example, You might assume the laughing person in front of you is so happy while the truth is that they're fighting some sort of struggles but they don’t feel comfortable to share the details!
-Let’s be available for each other without preconditions. Let’s 
hold the “blame” aside and be considerate. Let’s learn to expect "No Expectations".