Our life and the weather forecasts!

Have you ever thought about “life” as if you’re preparing for the forecast? Interesting, Isn’t?!

Our life is very much like the weather, and our daily journeys could be seen very much like the variable forecast. If we consider tough times to be like heavy gray clouds and think about sad events as hurricanes or tornadoes, it would seem sensible to expect the sunshine after long periods of rain, and to hope for strong storms to pass by without a major damage. We’re usually advised to be prepared for the unforeseen crisis while they are on the way; because when they happen it’s too late already! And, we’re urged to deal with the circumstances as they arise, on the go, not as how we like them to be.
Same goes for our lives, in my opinion; we can’t control everything but we could make it easier by being prepared, by enhancing our physical, mental & emotional health, and by lifting our spirits…
Difficulties and challenges will remain (always) part of the life-cycle. We may not be able to stop them but we can (definitely) reduce their negative impacts, if we take care of our bodies, clear our minds, and boost our mental & spiritual well-being. Here’s some good/affordable tips:
Eating balanced meals, Lowering salt & sugar intake, Exercising, Sleeping 6-8 hrs (at night), Limiting “screen” time, Talking/venting to beloved ones, Listening to relaxing music, and Looking after a pet or plant. Last but not least, To pray, pray and pray!