The self-care project workshop

Within our workshop, recently, there was a great opportunity for sharing, learning and creating a new space for authentic-self!

During that time, there was a question: How can we combine or incorporate the Mindfulness Technique, the Holistic Approach, and the Stress Management to boost Self Awareness and to improve Self Care?

I actually think this is a very important topic, and I will be delighted to share how to explain it…

Basically, “Mindfulness” means that you focus your mind into something, to adjust your thoughts, or to shift your attention to envision things differently. The “Holistic” approach means to look at the whole person and to support their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. On the other hand, a good “stress management” helps you lower your risks for both physical and mental conditions. When we blend-in the three, the result is enhancing our strengths and refining our performance which allow us to be patient and kind with ourselves and to live these concepts. The recipe is to  trust the process, to believe in your abilities and to train your brain. In another word, when you make the needed changes, take the necessary steps, and apply these concepts to your daily routine, you will have different outcomes for sure.

Simply -before you act or respond- ask yourself: 

1- Do I really need/want to do this? 

2- How is it beneficial(GOOD) for me? 

3- What feeling I would sense if I done it?  

*Practice this when you work, eat, watch a movie, go for shopping, sleep, or even while you’re using the phone! 

*The key here is to be honest with yourself, do not mask things to avoid facing the truth. Don’t do whatever is just easier or comfortable to escape the reality. Consider the long term impact not only the short term effect. 

- If you maintain this new way of thinking and behaving, in no time, you’ll impressed by the positive attitude that you gain. You’ll experience a noticeable increase in Self-Awareness, and you’ll definitely detect higher levels of confidence, discipline and resilience. 

Then, I received this interesting question...

Q: How could we exactly enhance self-care and improve self-awareness by getting the habit of asking those 3 questions: Do I need/want to do this? How is it beneficial for me? What feeling would I sense if I did it? 

A: To me, Just having this discussion inside you, makes you think about what you do and the intention behind it. Little by little, you explore the big reason you live for. This is not a philosophy or fancy words. Not everyone is able to discover the role they were created to take in life. Lucky people do! Learning about your self, listening to your inner voice and figuring out your Life-Purpose, gets you to see a meaning in what you do and inspires you to absorb, learn, and grow.
Maintaining this habit as well as maintaining honesty and transparency with yourself helps you stay connected to the true you, supports you in receiving the messages your heart sends, and the thoughts your mind conceives. The results would be as simple as Muhammad Ali’s quote below. The most important is to stick (always) to your values, ethics and beliefs. This way you would feel comfortable and there’s no conflict between what you think and how you behave. Gradually, you find yourself evoking your own awareness and building a stronger self esteem. When you sincerely consider that perspective as your new lifestyle and when you apply it every single task, you’re actually taking some significant steps towards better self-care and healthier living. For example, I’m planning to eat pizza for lunch. When I apply the 3 questions technique, it could be like this:
-Do I really need/want to do this? Yes, I want to eat pizza today! 
-How is it GOOD for me? Not really, actually it might have some negative impact! 
-What feeling will I sense if I do it? Honestly, I’ll be satisfied but I’ll feel some guilt as it is considered junk food!
The result might be that I decide to have a slice of pizza and a side salad instead of eating pizza solely. The next time or after a few times, I would probably crave the pizza LESS without feeling as though I’m overly restricting myself. Why? Because something started to build inside me. Something telling me to do what is better for me. Something motivating me to make healthier choices. This thing is Awareness, which leads to me looking after myself more and better! 
Also, having this conversation/debate -more often- inside you, and making some sort of sensible decisions, will allow you to feel more in-control about things in your life. It will empower you to achieve greater goals in life.

To take it to the next level, would be great to add the fourth question: Does this (action) cause any physical or emotional harm to someone else? If “No”, go ahead. If “ Yes”, you may re-evaluate your position. Over time, You would feel that what you're doing is thoughtful and meaningful for you and for others. which, in turn, will make you live in more peace and harmony.


~I hope you find this helpful and useful😊

And, here’s to more success and accomplishment!