• Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful! ~Joshua J. Marine

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Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful! ~Joshua J. Marine

Stress... Who said you have to deal with this life-thing alone?!

Reinventing the word "support".

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Delta Holistic Coaching


~Like deltas filter the water, reduce the pollution, and serve as important wetland habitats, we hope for Delta center to help our clients to refine their situations, reduce their stress to overcome their challenges. And, we're looking forward to be the link between our clients and their authentic self!
~Like deltas in mathmatics mark out the differences or the changes, we look for our business to support our clients in making long-lasting positive changes that improve their lives forever!

Life is a gift that meant to be meaningful and worthwhile!

Nothing happens in this world accidently. Everything is taking place in a certain way for a good reason; because it's meant to be!

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Testimonials/ Recommendations

Wessam is a warm, heart-centered, and knowledgeable coach. She cares deeply about her clients’ well-being, especially as it relates to helping them reduce stress in order to live a more balance, fulfilled life. She’s a fierce advocate for her clients’ innate resilience and wisdom, holding them as the naturally creative, resourceful and whole humans they are. Wessam takes a well-rounded, holistic approach to coaching her clients that incorporates their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For anyone looking for a professional coach to help them truly thrive in life, Wessam is a GREAT coach for the job.

~Gage Bock

Wess, I appreciate your curiosity and also enjoy that you have a directness about you. I find this combination of curiosity and direct communication a great combination for a Coach. I experience a sincere desire to connect from you. I experience you as genuine and good-hearted. I would recommend your service because I find you reliable. I would send someone your way who was wanting to work on stress management, as I remember that was an area of interest for you.

~Beverly Sartain

I absolutely love Coach Wess’ coaching style because it is kind, warm, inviting, soothing & effective! I'd describe my experience with Coach Wess as one that was comforting, encouraging and powerful! She is a wonderful listener, and makes sure that she challenges you in your action steps so that you can truly experience change from the inside out! I highly recommend Delta Holistic Coaching services to others. Anyone needing support with stress management, and healthy eating/drinking habits. Wess is skilled to support those in areas of stress management, and many other areas. I’m a witness that her tools and techniques are life changing!

~Katrina Hunt

"The journey with Wess has allowed me to gain clarity on my Results Coaching business. Her support has given me deeper confidence in the professional growth which I am producing and receiving. Wess shares a natural ability of deep compassion, interest and success for others. In my conversations with her she has always shown an ability to bring forward a clarity that nobody else has led me to. Her unique personal history, education and life experience is a fit for many searching to discover a stronger well being within.  Wess has the ability to show you the best part of yourself so that you can obtain all possibilities that lie before you."

~Jessica Hartwig, ACC - A Results Coach, Reno, Nevada

Wess is a gifted coach who has compassionately accompanied me on my journey of transformation and growth. She is tough yet gentle, inquisitive yet nonjudgmental. She has coached me with both personal and professional challenges with expertise, patience, and a touch of humor. I am so grateful that Wess is available to me when I am need of a partner to navigate life.

~Beth, Design Consultant and Decor Coach at Luv2dzyn 

I start coaching with Wess last year in September. Wess coaching style is gentle, smooth, flowing. At the same time Wess is getting you to think through your issues, challenges, problems to find your own answers. Her energy is tender, open, loving. She uses visual analogies, powerful questions to help gaining different ways of thinking, approaching, solving, and reaching your goals. My experience being coached by Wess can be described as becoming more inspired after each session, along with motivation to act to achieve my innermost dreams and desires. If you are looking for support, understanding, motivation, inspiration, compassion, I encourage you to get in touch with Wess!
She can get you moving in the right direction of your life!

~Ionela Bacain

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