Invest in Yourself with Coach Wess!



I believe that everyone deserves to live as comfortably and peacefully as it can be! I also believe that humans are "Resilient" by nature but sometimes they get stricken by life challenges, which can make them feel exhausted and overwhelmed!

On the "Coaching"  journey, I partner up with my (women) clients to evaluate their circumstances, to set their desired GOALS, and to take realistic ACTIONS. During this process, I support them to stay resilient, and to improve self-awareness; in order to overcome what gets in their way, and to achieve what they hope for.  



To empower my clients to demonstrate the (I Can Do) attitude into their daily basis. I inspire them to listen to their inner-voice and understand their true purpose; so they can enjoy a meaningful life and attain a better quality of living. I work one-on-one with individuals who used to be strong but have been stuck at the unexpected struggles. I team up with those who still believe in tomorrow despite the dints of yesterday’s hits, and are EAGER to take an action today!

~Following the "Holistic" approach allows me to take the four levels of the person -physical, mental, emotional & spiritual- into considerations, which means looking at my clients as  "whole" and viewing them in their environment as one system. 


** Define... Refine... Be Fine**

When I join my client on a coaching session,

1- We collaborate to Define their issues, their roadblocks, and their targets.

2- We team up to Refine their skills/strengths, and to take actions on the plans we'd develop.

3- We work together to accomplish their desired goals while integrating the holistic perspective which improves their overall situations and make them Feel Fine about themselves, their lives, and their surroundings at the same time.