Wessam Elhoushy (Coach Wess), Certified Holistic Coach, Certified Professional Coach, ICF member



Hi!  This is Coach Wess and I’m happy to be with you today... 

My name is Wessam, an Arabic word that means honor-medal or trophy. I am an ordinary girl, born and raised in a loving household in Egypt. I got married, and then moved to live with my husband in the U.S.A. more  than 20 years ago.

I am a Certified Holistic Coach and a Certified Professional Coach. I am a member of (ICF) the International Coaching Federation, and a member of both the Holistic Coach Network and the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches.

Like millions of immigrants and 1st generation parents, We put our children at the top of our priorities. Happily, I chose to stay home and to fulfill the duties of my amazing job, “mother of three”. And, I was absolutely making the right decision!

Day after day and year after another, the birds grew up and were ready to leave the nest. Well, almost ;)

I am grateful for my life and I do appreciate all what I have, but yet, it always felt like something is missing! At some point I thought it comes from being very far away from our families, the feeling of homesick that has spoiled lots of our joy moments whenever we had to celebrate one of our milestones -as a growing family- alone. At other times, I thought this feeling comes from being unemployed especially that I was a middle school teacher before I moved to the states.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I accidentally was introduced to the world of “Life Coaching”, and that was the biggest turning point in my life!

I realized then I was lacking the opportunity to connect to my authentic self, to discover my life purpose, and to be a part of my community. Yes, this is what kept my experience incomplete.

It took me a while to navigate my way and to draw my new roadmap. Late in 2018, Things started to get better when I developed my vision and found my niche. In 2019, I completed some needed education and felt great about that. I was preparing to launch my business when the world -unexpectedly- got hit with the pandemic. The event that struck everyone in some level. Despite how tough and challenging that time was, I received it as a test to my skills and as a chance to evaluate my journey toward the “Coaching” career. Good for me, I was able to use what I learned and to apply what I gained. I was able to provide an extra layer of care and comfort to myself and my beloved ones. Thankfully, we were able to manage our stress and we have overcome that unprecedented situation safely!

I am specialized in mindfulness and stress management. My compassion instantly makes my clients of all ages feel comfortable and as if they're talking to longtime friend, even in a virtual meeting. 

My intention is to give back what “coaching” has offered me, to share my experience and the positive impact of coaching. I work with people in the RTP area, and beyond. If I did it, You can too!

When I’m not on a journey with one of my amazing coachees, I love to read, write, listen to music, or to do some online research. I also enjoy cooking, baking, gardening and doing handicrafts. Above of all, family time is my favorite thing to do! 



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