Is Listening To Music Holistic?!

 As a "Life Coach" with a focus on stress management, I understand the role that music could play in reducing anxiety and enhancing the overall mental health.

Today, I am going to dig a bit deeper into this concept but through the "Holistic Approach" lenses.  I'll try to break it down into simple findings or statements.

So.. Why could listening to music be considered as "Holistic" practice, an action that affects the whole person and supports their needs, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Simply, here's how I look at it:

1- When we listen to slow tempo music, something happens in real. It might be explained as a chemical reaction takes place in our bodily systems. This affects our brain function, very much like medication. it has been scientifically proven that soothing music can lower the heart rates and reduce the cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone contributes to stress & anxiety.

2- The relation between music and the brain waves has been investigated and researchers have found that the music can increase memory and enhance learning capabilities. It's been proven also that soothing music improves sleep quality, and makes us relaxed which may boost our motivations and can help our mind to getting clear thoughts and better insights.

3- Chemistry in our bodies is not only responsible for the biological processes, but also for our moods and how we feel, which results into the sense of joy, calmness or excitement when we listen to nice music.

4- Relaxing music helps to restore/refresh our energy and to increase positivity; which makes us more peaceful and hopeful and lifts our spirit.

By revisiting the four statements above, we can actually visualize the four aspects of the "Holistic" approach, Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. That's how I see the connection between the music and the holistic approach.

**Listening to "relaxing music" is not a fancy thing to do. Studies show that music is -really- an effective way to manage stress. So, next time you're listening to music or enjoying your favorite song, remind yourself there's some chemistry happens at the moment, and that your body, mind, emotions and spirit will gain some benefits.