Managing Stress Through Positivity!

Positivity is a way of thinking, a choice, and an attitude. To be positive doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye to the crisis and pretend that all is well, or to push yourself into different issue or activity to stay away from the main cause of the stress. Actually by doing so; you are practicing “negativity” act!
Pain, sorrow, anger, regret and other feelings come naturally as we experience a tough time or a rough situation. Ignoring or suppressing these deep feelings, or being occupied -intentionally- with something else, never solve the problem or improve the matter. When we can’t change the life challenge or the distress, we need to accept it. This way, we send a message to our subconscious mind to deal with it as a fact instead of seeing it as a ghost chasing our souls day after another. In other words, we need to receive whatever is happening as if it is the new normal, and to give ourselves enough time to adjust. This way, we can figure out how to overcome this issue, then we put our plan into actions.
For example, losing a beloved one is definitely a heartbreaking event, we would lie to ourselves if we say everything will be alright; because after such a circumstance life is never going to be like before. That’s the truth!
To manage stress positively in this case, we may to look at it from several angles. We could see it as a reminder that life is not definite. Life is a journey and everyone will reach their stop someday. It’s an opportunity to evaluate what we have done so far and see if we are really ready to leave?! We may also see it as a chance to express our gratitude for those who are already gone by remembering them, praying for them or by giving a charity/donation in honor of them.
If we get trained to do that with every obstacle that blocks our way, if we succeed to convince ourselves to deal with any hardship as if we are taking a test or exam, (which could be short or long, easy or difficult) Then we focus our minds that in order to score high in the exam, we need to work hard, utilize the available resources, and be well prepared. 
If you have to deal with a distress, you may try the 4 (A)s for a better management: 
Sometimes things go beyond our control. Illness, death of a beloved one, divorce, losing job, etc. To cope with such events, we first have to remember that life is not perfect, life is a combination of happiness & sorrow, a mix of failure & success. What we can not change, we have to accept. Think that it could be worse. Think it will pass anyway and you’ll get over it, sooner or later!
Talk to trusted people, vent! Try different strategies to manage your stress. If more help is needed, see a therapist.  
When something goes wrong or gets out of your way, don’t be upset, don’t cry over the spilled milk. Tell yourself it happens for a reason! Think about it again. Make it an opportunity to look at the big picture. Remind yourself  of the good things and the fine qualities you have. View the situation from different angles. Watch your attitude and lower your expectations. 
The tip here is to Modify/Adjust. If the stress is not avoidable, try to re-adjust and be open to some compromises; as long as they don’t conflict with your core values. Modify your daily routine to accomplish more balance.
Nobody can avoid “stress” all the time. the tip is to get the habit of FILTRATION.  Avoid the unnecessary stress and focus your energy on what you must deal with.  Make your priorities clear!
#Stay Positive, Stay Hopeful, and Never Let Your Stress Control You!